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An Interview with Fitness Expert Christopher Lee of Buffalo, New York

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Christopher Lee is a certified fitness trainer from Buffalo, New York. Christopher specializes in designing workouts plans for clients that make them look and feel more athletic, helping them avoid injury. Mr. Lee emphasizes a healthy diet and lifestyle so clients can fuel properly to get the most out of their workouts and reach their fitness goals. When he is not working with his clients, Christopher Lee can be found at a hot yoga class, practicing martial arts, or spending time with his friends and family in Buffalo.

Mr. Lee, Thank you for talking with us. Tell me about your best and worst days at work.

Thank you for having me. As a personal trainer, I experience ups and downs all the time. I meditate, and it helps me to observe things for what they are instead of getting hard on myself or getting upset about “bad” days.

But I can say that my favorite days are days when I spend a lot of time coaching and less time doing admin work. You will be surprised, but as a fitness trainer, you do have paperwork and records to keep.

Who are the projects that you most enjoy working on?

I enjoy personal training the most. I also like to educate my clients on safety and ways to avoid injuries. Some of my clients used to work with other personal trainers before they found me, and they always say they appreciate that I anticipate the questions even before they ask. I think that’s the value of having a mentor; they help you avoid mistakes you don’t even know you would make.

What was your biggest ‘a-ha’ moment?

When I was introduced to meditation for the first time, it happened when I was a teenager, and to me, it was a mysterious practice. I am still fascinated by it. Understanding that I am not my thoughts changed my life for the better.

What has been the most important part of your professional journey?

Leaving the gym where I used to work and starting my own fitness training business was the most significant part of my professional journey. I also always like to share that practicing martial arts during my childhood and teen years helped me build the foundation for self-discipline and love for health and wellness. Without this foundation, I would not be able to persevere during tough times, so I like to contribute my success to martial arts.

What would you do with unlimited resources?

I would really like to help more young people to get into martial arts. It’s actually my plan for the future. Martial arts help teens develop self-discipline, patience, respect for their teacher, and much more. I think young children nowadays are missing out on those qualities.

When was the last time you totally lost yourself in doing something?

I get lost every time I am in nature, or when I write in my journal.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I love spending time with my friends in nature. Whenever I get a chance to travel abroad, I do that. I have many friends all over the world, so I often visit them when my schedule allows.

How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

I would like to respond with one of my favorite quotes by Muhammad Ali: “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” I make a difference in the world by following this advice and helping others do the same. It takes courage to accomplish physical and mental strength by overcoming the limitations of your body and mind.

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