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Buffalo Fitness Trainer Christopher Lee Comments on Reopening Fitness Centers and Potential Repercussions in New York

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Christopher Lee, Buffalo, New York personal trainer, details how the pandemic will impact the reopening of fitness centers and the possible repercussions.

BUFFALO, NY, USA, August 12, 2020 / -- Certified fitness coach Christopher Lee, from Buffalo, New York, emphasizes the importance of client safety as more than half of the states across the country have gyms back open amid the COVID-19 ongoing pandemic.

“Gyms who are allowed to reopen are planning accordingly to come up with the best possible safety strategy for gym staff, trainers, clients, and everyone else in the fitness industry. New York has not yet allowed gyms to reopen, but many gym owners are anxious to get back on track. However, it would be naïve of me to pretend that there is no genuine concern for client caution,” said Lee.

In New York, officials planned to reopen regions over a series of phases, and July 20th marked the state’s first day of Phase Four. Phase One consisted of granting operations to construction, manufacturing, and wholesale supply-chain businesses and outdoor businesses and retail pick-up and drop-off. Phase Two reopened firms with professional services, brick-and-mortar businesses, offices, administration help, outdoor dining, finance, insurance companies, and real estate firms. This second transition also allowed car dealerships, salons, and religious places of worship to open with limited capacity. Malls were still not allowed to open during this phase.

Phase Three in New York opened hospitality businesses and allowed restaurants to host customers inside at fifty percent capacity and with a requirement that patrons wear a mask.

Phase Four was said to be the final phase, but this posed a dilemma for gym business owners. This phase was supposed to allow schools, as well as entertainment, arts, and recreation facilities to reopen. Gyms, movie theaters, and shopping malls assumed that they were included in this Phase Four reopening, but this was not the case. Governor Andrew Cuomo will issue a separate order of permission to these businesses, and owners are still anxiously waiting.

The dilemma of gyms, says Cuomo, is due to a study the state is currently conducting. Officials are trying to determine the accuracy of new information on whether or not infected coronavirus droplets can spread through air conditioning in crowded indoor areas like gyms and shopping malls.


Unfortunately, like the Jewish Community Center and the YMCA, gyms are being forced to continue to sit back, deal with their significantly high number of memberships placed on hold, and wait until they have the go-ahead to join the public society once again.


To learn more about Christopher Lee and how his supportive perspective helps clients successfully reach their fitness and health goals, visit his website at and tune in frequently for updated blog posts fitness enthusiasts will not want to miss. Readers seeking to schedule a consultation or personal training session can do so by completing the contact form on Lee’s website.


Outside of work, Christopher Lee, Buffalo resident, can be found spending time with his friends and family in New York.

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