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Buffalo, New York Fitness Guru, Christopher Lee, Discusses 5 Ways to Manage Your Time as a Personal Trainer and Elevate Client Management

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A personal trainer's life and schedule aren't typical; most don't work the traditional Monday to Friday 9-5 grind. Especially for personal trainers who own (or are in the process of building) their own training business either in-person or online, they can often find themselves stretched too thin. In this article, certified fitness trainer Christopher Lee of Buffalo, New York, discusses several personal trainers' methods to optimize their workday and improve client management in the process.


1. Walk the Walk, Look the Look


When it comes to running any business, brand image is important. With personal training, the need for quality messaging is amplified. Carry yourself as a professional who keeps a tight schedule. If you don't have time for someone, you have to be able to turn them away.


That also goes the other way. If you have too much time on your hands, you should always be open to opportunities and brand yourself as someone excited to take on new challenges.


2. Be a Familiar Face


If you want to get and maintain quality clients, you have to interact with them. That means spending time around the facility whether you are booked for the hour or not and being an approachable face people feel comfortable interacting with.


Being someone that people feel like they can count on is never a bad thing. Show up early and show up often—clients like presence!


3. Communicate Goals


In your early-stage meetings with new clients, it's important to communicate how much time and effort the client will have to invest in getting the results they need. Give them a couple of flexible scheduling options, and then ask them to stick to it rigorously.


Pro Tip From Christopher Lee: Create a plan with expectations. If the client can only give you one day a week, let them know what that will mean for their fitness goals. If they can give five days a week, do the same. Committed clients are the best clients.


4. Assess Fitness and Build Workout


Having a plan in place before the session starts is important. You should always assess your client's progress and build new workouts before they even step into the building. This will make you more efficient in your training and show that you mean business.


5. Know Your Worth


Your time is valuable. If your client load is getting too heavy, you might have to up your prices rather than take on more clients. It's supply and demand. If people value your service, they won't mind paying a little bit extra.


This will save you the headache of fitting in more clients you don't have time for. After all, you shouldn't have to be the only one making sacrifices.


Managing your time as a personal trainer is vital to your operation's success. Clients want to feel taken care of, and overscheduling yourself can work as a real drawback. Don't let it happen to you!


About Christopher Lee


Christopher Lee, a Buffalo, New York native, is a certified personal trainer who helps clients build muscle and improve their overall fitness and lifestyles. Lee supports his clients as they revamp their health and fitness routines to increase their metabolism and become stronger. His exercise programs and training sessions are designed to build strength, athleticism, and agility so clients can enjoy the activities and sports they love pain-free.

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